Mp3 To Wav

Mp3 To Wav

This apllications enables you to convert MP3 files to WAV files
1.0 (See all)

It enables you to convert MP3 files to WAV files.

Main features:

- You can add the mp3 file to process with open file dialog box. And you can select multiple files with it.
- You can also add files by drag&drop. Multiple files could be drag in at the same time.
- Decode(Convert) mp3 files in batch.
- Progress bar display to show the decoding progress for each file.
- Text status display to show which file is converting.
- Grid box to display the list of the files you want to convert. You can remove any file or clear all in that in the grid box. Very convenient.
- The deocded file will be created at the same directory as the input file, the first half of the filename will be kept the same and with “.wav” as the extension.
- The result filename will be displayed next to the input filename.
- Show the conversion result (Success/Fail) of each file.

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